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CME on rheumatology – Dr Mrs Bichile

IMA Alibag arranged a talk on “Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis role od DMARDS and Biosimilars” on 1 Feb 2015. The speaker was the renowned rheumatologist, Dr Mrs Lata Bichile.
Dr Nabar welcomed the speaker and the audience. Dr Mrs Bichile, who is one of the pioneers in the use of Biologicals in the inflammatory arthritis, explained the importance of “early detection and focused treatment of inflammatory arthropathy”. The talk was followed by lively interactive discussion. Dr Vinayak Patil gave vote of thanks. The program was sponsored by Pfizer.
Dr Mrs Bichile has kindly consented to make the presentation available to the IMA members who wish to go through it again. The link to the said presentation is available in the IMA members area in the “Notice Board” section.

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