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Doctor Tumchya Dari

All doctors treat patients. They are very particular about updating themselves by attending conferances. But very few are particular about educating the patients about how to modify their lifestyle and prevent illness.

IMA Alibag arranged a meeting of its members in January 2014 to decide strategy to address this important lacuna of health education under the leadership of Dr Nabar, President IMA Alibag and Dr Dongre, Health education secretary. This was a fruitful meeting and it was decided to have an ongoing project of health education for the villagers in Alibag Taluka. – “Doctor Tumachya Dari “.

We speak (and do PowerPoint presentations) on topics of interest to common man like Blood pressure, heart attack, backache , vaccination, balanced diet and exercise, personal hygiene, superstitions and so on. It is usually a one and a half hour program arranged as per the convenience of the villagers in which 3 to 4 Doctors – members of IMA Alibag speak on the topics of health education. In case anybody is interested to have this program in their village please contact the health education secretary Dr Dongre (mobile 9423375192) or President Dr Nabar (mobile 9422692450)

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